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General Properties

Protein IDPro_DTO377G3_2|g7305.t1
Gene name
Gene length (bp)387
Transcript length (bp)225
Coding sequence length (bp)225
Protein length (aa) 75

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PFAM Domains

PFAM Domain ID Short name Long name E-value Start End
PF01194 RNA_pol_N RNA polymerases N / 8 kDa subunit 2.8E-30 1 59


GO Term Description Terminal node
GO:0006351 transcription, DNA-templated Yes
GO:0003899 DNA-directed 5'-3' RNA polymerase activity Yes
GO:0003677 DNA binding Yes
GO:0071704 organic substance metabolic process No
GO:0034654 nucleobase-containing compound biosynthetic process No
GO:0006139 nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process No
GO:0009987 cellular process No
GO:0043170 macromolecule metabolic process No
GO:0034641 cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process No
GO:0044238 primary metabolic process No
GO:0003824 catalytic activity No
GO:0097659 nucleic acid-templated transcription No
GO:0044260 cellular macromolecule metabolic process No
GO:1901360 organic cyclic compound metabolic process No
GO:0032774 RNA biosynthetic process No
GO:0016740 transferase activity No
GO:0097159 organic cyclic compound binding No
GO:1901363 heterocyclic compound binding No
GO:0090304 nucleic acid metabolic process No
GO:0046483 heterocycle metabolic process No
GO:1901362 organic cyclic compound biosynthetic process No
GO:0034645 cellular macromolecule biosynthetic process No
GO:0016779 nucleotidyltransferase activity No
GO:0006807 nitrogen compound metabolic process No
GO:0016070 RNA metabolic process No
GO:0005488 binding No
GO:0006725 cellular aromatic compound metabolic process No
GO:0003676 nucleic acid binding No
GO:0097747 RNA polymerase activity No
GO:0009058 biosynthetic process No
GO:0044271 cellular nitrogen compound biosynthetic process No
GO:0019438 aromatic compound biosynthetic process No
GO:0034062 5'-3' RNA polymerase activity No
GO:0018130 heterocycle biosynthetic process No
GO:0003674 molecular_function No
GO:1901576 organic substance biosynthetic process No
GO:0016772 transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups No
GO:0008150 biological_process No
GO:0140098 catalytic activity, acting on RNA No
GO:0008152 metabolic process No
GO:0044249 cellular biosynthetic process No
GO:0009059 macromolecule biosynthetic process No
GO:0044237 cellular metabolic process No


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SignalP signal predicted Location
(based on Ymax)
D score
(significance: > 0.45)
No 1 - 16 0.45

Transmembrane Domains


Transcription Factor Class


Expression data

Analysis 1: Genome-wide gene expression in conidia of Penicillium roqueforti during growth at various temperatures and for various amounts of time. Published in Punt et al., 2020.

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Type of sequenceSequence
Locus Download genbank file of locus
The gene with 5 kb flanks (if sufficient flanking sequence is available). For use in cloning design programs. NOTE: features (genes or exons) that are only partially contained within the sequence are completely excluded.
Protein >Pro_DTO377G3_2|g7305.t1
Coding >Pro_DTO377G3_2|g7305.t1
Transcript >Pro_DTO377G3_2|g7305.t1
Gene >Pro_DTO377G3_2|g7305.t1

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