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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF00899
Short nameThiF
Long nameThiF family
Proteins with at least one of this domain8
Total domain count9
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
Ophio5|1875 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 8.8E-38 97 350
Ophio5|346 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 3.0E-58 36 338
PF08825 E2_bind E2 binding domain 3.8E-31 349 429
Ophio5|4000 PF16420 ATG7_N Ubiquitin-like modifier-activating enzyme ATG7 N-terminus 1.7E-115 5 327
PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 1.8E-42 341 574
Ophio5|43 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 2.8E-51 47 294
PF00581 Rhodanese Rhodanese-like domain 7.0E-11 337 436
Ophio5|5160 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 6.1E-38 29 404
PF16190 E1_FCCH Ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 FCCH domain 8.4E-29 203 271
PF16191 E1_4HB Ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 four-helix bundle 4.0E-25 272 340
PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 6.9E-70 422 917
PF10585 UBA_E1_SCCH Ubiquitin-activating enzyme, SCCH domain 2.4E-91 611 858
PF09358 E1_UFD Ubiquitin fold domain 1.9E-30 934 1024
Ophio5|6231 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 8.5E-66 69 496
PF10585 UBA_E1_SCCH Ubiquitin-activating enzyme, SCCH domain 1.9E-04 376 433
PF14732 UAE_UbL Ubiquitin/SUMO-activating enzyme ubiquitin-like domain 7.7E-18 506 589
Ophio5|8037 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 2.9E-27 92 420
Ophio5|843 PF00899 ThiF ThiF family 1.8E-13 22 223

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