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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF00787
Short namePX
Long namePX domain
Proteins with at least one of this domain12
Total domain count12
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
Ophio5|1354 PF00787 PX PX domain 3.6E-07 168 248
PF09325 Vps5 Vps5 C terminal like 4.7E-07 303 488
Ophio5|1546 PF00018 SH3_1 SH3 domain 1.0E-05 58 93
PF00018 SH3_1 SH3 domain 4.2E-06 162 202
PF00787 PX PX domain 4.0E-08 352 438
PF00564 PB1 PB1 domain 8.6E-06 513 584
Ophio5|2680 PF00787 PX PX domain 3.4E-18 136 215
Ophio5|2767 PF02194 PXA PXA domain 1.4E-49 102 285
PF00615 RGS Regulator of G protein signaling domain 6.3E-12 429 565
PF00787 PX PX domain 1.7E-16 934 1010
PF08628 Nexin_C Sorting nexin C terminal 1.1E-25 1120 1226
Ophio5|3168 PF00787 PX PX domain 1.1E-21 182 260
PF09325 Vps5 Vps5 C terminal like 9.7E-88 284 513
Ophio5|3571 PF00787 PX PX domain 8.7E-11 36 113
Ophio5|4894 PF12828 PXB PX-associated 7.2E-39 41 164
PF00787 PX PX domain 1.8E-08 240 406
PF12825 DUF3818 Domain of unknown function in PX-proteins (DUF3818) 7.7E-129 464 798
Ophio5|5398 PF02194 PXA PXA domain 1.1E-32 150 326
PF00787 PX PX domain 3.1E-05 505 580
PF08628 Nexin_C Sorting nexin C terminal 1.4E-20 846 962
Ophio5|6019 PF00787 PX PX domain 3.4E-17 106 181
Ophio5|6747 PF00787 PX PX domain 2.4E-16 118 205
Ophio5|6938 PF00787 PX PX domain 2.9E-17 383 466
PF19566 Snx8_BAR_dom Sorting nexin 8/Mvp1 BAR domain 9.4E-130 478 735
Ophio5|8045 PF00787 PX PX domain 3.1E-16 88 173

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