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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF01493
Short nameGXGXG
Long nameGXGXG motif
Proteins with at least one of this domain1
Total domain count1
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
Ophcf2|00482 PF00310 GATase_2 Glutamine amidotransferases class-II 4.4E-182 54 486
PF04898 Glu_syn_central Glutamate synthase central domain 6.4E-108 524 808
PF01645 Glu_synthase Conserved region in glutamate synthase 1.6E-153 869 1239
PF01493 GXGXG GXGXG motif 1.1E-85 1320 1506
PF14691 Fer4_20 Dihydroprymidine dehydrogenase domain II, 4Fe-4S cluster 1.2E-20 1628 1737
PF07992 Pyr_redox_2 Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase 6.9E-22 1751 2062
PF00070 Pyr_redox Pyridine nucleotide-disulphide oxidoreductase 2.2E-05 1752 1823
PF03486 HI0933_like HI0933-like protein 1.8E-05 1752 1786
PF13450 NAD_binding_8 NAD(P)-binding Rossmann-like domain 9.7E-09 1755 1788
PF01593 Amino_oxidase Flavin containing amine oxidoreductase 2.4E-06 1761 1788

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