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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF10598
Short nameRRM_4
Long nameRNA recognition motif of the spliceosomal PrP8
Proteins with at least one of this domain1
Total domain count1
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
OphauG2|2806 PF08082 PRO8NT PRO8NT (NUC069), PrP8 N-terminal domain 1.4E-78 85 236
PF08083 PROCN PROCN (NUC071) domain 7.5E-233 435 841
PF10598 RRM_4 RNA recognition motif of the spliceosomal PrP8 2.0E-45 1026 1116
PF10597 U5_2-snRNA_bdg U5-snRNA binding site 2 of PrP8 5.1E-71 1250 1383
PF10596 U6-snRNA_bdg U6-snRNA interacting domain of PrP8 1.7E-88 1482 1640
PF12134 PRP8_domainIV PRP8 domain IV core 2.1E-124 1802 2029
PF08084 PROCT PROCT (NUC072) domain 2.6E-42 2253 2373

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