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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF00975
Short nameThioesterase
Long nameThioesterase domain
Proteins with at least one of this domain7
Total domain count7
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
OphauG2|1123 PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 3.8E-22 110 336
OphauG2|1198 PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 2.2E-20 17 123
PF12697 Abhydrolase_6 Alpha/beta hydrolase family 2.0E-07 18 196
OphauG2|1504 PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 1.5E-08 32 247
PF12697 Abhydrolase_6 Alpha/beta hydrolase family 4.2E-06 33 203
OphauG2|2171 PF00561 Abhydrolase_1 alpha/beta hydrolase fold 3.7E-09 55 167
PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 2.0E-06 57 146
PF12146 Hydrolase_4 Serine aminopeptidase, S33 3.9E-07 57 198
PF12697 Abhydrolase_6 Alpha/beta hydrolase family 6.6E-17 57 284
PF00782 DSPc Dual specificity phosphatase, catalytic domain 3.5E-09 502 557
OphauG2|2314 PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 6.8E-16 8 69
OphauG2|2993 PF16073 SAT Starter unit:ACP transacylase in aflatoxin biosynthesis 1.3E-39 18 254
PF00109 ketoacyl-synt Beta-ketoacyl synthase, N-terminal domain 3.3E-74 393 642
PF02801 Ketoacyl-synt_C Beta-ketoacyl synthase, C-terminal domain 6.5E-26 651 770
PF00698 Acyl_transf_1 Acyl transferase domain 1.2E-34 924 1201
PF14765 PS-DH Polyketide synthase dehydratase 3.4E-11 1336 1614
PF00550 PP-binding Phosphopantetheine attachment site 1.2E-08 1647 1710
PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 1.7E-23 1764 1914
OphauG2|4308 PF00501 AMP-binding AMP-binding enzyme 6.7E-55 1 443
PF00550 PP-binding Phosphopantetheine attachment site 8.1E-09 586 652
PF00975 Thioesterase Thioesterase domain 3.2E-25 682 938

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