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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF00787
Short namePX
Long namePX domain
Proteins with at least one of this domain13
Total domain count13
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
Hirsu2|10097 PF00787 PX PX domain 9.8E-06 442 639
PF00614 PLDc Phospholipase D Active site motif 3.0E-07 911 937
PF00614 PLDc Phospholipase D Active site motif 9.9E-07 1219 1241
Hirsu2|10177 PF00787 PX PX domain 1.6E-19 52 166
Hirsu2|10803 PF12828 PXB PX-associated 2.4E-39 40 164
PF00787 PX PX domain 8.5E-13 219 403
PF12825 DUF3818 Domain of unknown function in PX-proteins (DUF3818) 3.0E-130 461 795
Hirsu2|2677 PF02194 PXA PXA domain 9.1E-32 171 347
PF00787 PX PX domain 2.0E-06 589 678
PF08628 Nexin_C Sorting nexin C terminal 5.8E-21 955 1071
Hirsu2|3546 PF00787 PX PX domain 1.4E-08 15 73
Hirsu2|3869 PF00787 PX PX domain 4.1E-24 152 264
PF09325 Vps5 Vps5 C terminal like 1.8E-87 298 517
Hirsu2|4772 PF00787 PX PX domain 1.1E-21 2 95
Hirsu2|692 PF00787 PX PX domain 7.3E-18 101 207
Hirsu2|734 PF00787 PX PX domain 8.4E-19 392 474
Hirsu2|7890 PF00787 PX PX domain 2.6E-19 153 252
Hirsu2|8300 PF00787 PX PX domain 1.3E-09 148 246
PF09325 Vps5 Vps5 C terminal like 1.5E-08 302 486
Hirsu2|9701 PF00018 SH3_1 SH3 domain 3.7E-06 50 93
PF00018 SH3_1 SH3 domain 1.6E-05 165 205
PF00787 PX PX domain 1.0E-12 344 443
PF00564 PB1 PB1 domain 1.8E-07 514 580
Hirsu2|984 PF02194 PXA PXA domain 1.3E-50 48 231
PF00615 RGS Regulator of G protein signaling domain 1.4E-14 370 510
PF00787 PX PX domain 1.2E-18 866 966
PF08628 Nexin_C Sorting nexin C terminal 2.5E-24 1076 1186

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