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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF01399
Short namePCI
Long namePCI domain
Proteins with at least one of this domain13
Total domain count13
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
Ani_SJS100_1|g10986.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 1.1E-19 444 544
PF08375 Rpn3_C Proteasome regulatory subunit C-terminal 2.0E-26 549 613
Ani_SJS100_1|g11172.t1 PF09440 eIF3_N eIF3 subunit 6 N terminal domain 1.3E-51 32 163
PF01399 PCI PCI domain 7.8E-14 320 422
Ani_SJS100_1|g2490.t1 PF05470 eIF-3c_N Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 8 N-terminus 1.4E-36 63 204
PF05470 eIF-3c_N Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 8 N-terminus 1.8E-139 244 633
PF01399 PCI PCI domain 1.1E-12 679 774
Ani_SJS100_1|g2606.t1 PF10602 RPN7 26S proteasome subunit RPN7 2.4E-55 98 271
PF01399 PCI PCI domain 2.7E-14 349 450
Ani_SJS100_1|g4080.t1 PF18055 RPN6_N 26S proteasome regulatory subunit RPN6 N-terminal domain 3.1E-45 14 130
PF01399 PCI PCI domain 5.1E-21 287 388
PF18503 RPN6_C_helix 26S proteasome subunit RPN6 C-terminal helix domain 8.7E-11 394 420
Ani_SJS100_1|g4993.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 1.7E-09 318 443
Ani_SJS100_1|g6991.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 9.9E-10 398 518
Ani_SJS100_1|g7703.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 6.7E-08 272 367
PF18005 eIF3m_C_helix eIF3 subunit M, C-terminal helix 1.3E-10 379 407
Ani_SJS100_1|g7792.t1 PF10602 RPN7 26S proteasome subunit RPN7 3.1E-54 118 293
PF01399 PCI PCI domain 9.5E-11 310 423
Ani_SJS100_1|g8026.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 8.0E-20 315 416
Ani_SJS100_1|g8034.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 3.9E-19 329 439
PF18098 RPN5_C 26S proteasome regulatory subunit RPN5 C-terminal domain 1.4E-16 445 477
Ani_SJS100_1|g81.t1 PF01399 PCI PCI domain 7.1E-09 236 336
PF18261 Rpn9_C Rpn9 C-terminal helix 1.8E-14 343 375
Ani_SJS100_1|g9788.t1 PF10602 RPN7 26S proteasome subunit RPN7 1.2E-08 92 212
PF01399 PCI PCI domain 4.9E-11 270 369

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