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PFAM Domain

General information

PFAM domainPF01751
Short nameToprim
Long nameToprim domain
Proteins with at least one of this domain2
Total domain count2
More informationPFAM website

Proteins with this PFAM domain

Note: all PFAM domains are shown for these proteins
Short name Long name E-value Start End Name
protein ID PFAM
Agabi119p4|008670 PF02518 HATPase_c Histidine kinase-, DNA gyrase B-, and HSP90-like ATPase 5.2E-13 145 290
PF00204 DNA_gyraseB DNA gyrase B 4.1E-28 332 498
PF01751 Toprim Toprim domain 6.1E-07 529 627
PF16898 TOPRIM_C C-terminal associated domain of TOPRIM 4.5E-49 643 769
PF00521 DNA_topoisoIV DNA gyrase/topoisomerase IV, subunit A 4.1E-121 771 1218
Agabi119p4|039440 PF01751 Toprim Toprim domain 2.8E-18 3 146
PF01131 Topoisom_bac DNA topoisomerase 2.9E-105 162 579
PF06839 zf-GRF GRF zinc finger 2.0E-13 809 852
PF00098 zf-CCHC Zinc knuckle 4.5E-06 874 890
PF13917 zf-CCHC_3 Zinc knuckle 1.3E-02 875 900
PF00098 zf-CCHC Zinc knuckle 3.6E-04 918 933
PF13917 zf-CCHC_3 Zinc knuckle 1.5E-01 944 972
PF00098 zf-CCHC Zinc knuckle 1.9E-04 948 964

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